Blogging has been luring the Internet users since the day it was started.  Mostly the comfort of making money on a chair attracts many people in this profession.

But as the number of blogger's are rising the competition between them rises too. To get yourself ranked in the pro-bloggers is not an easy task.

In fact most of the people that decide to pick blogging as their profession just give it up in the first 5 to 8 months.There are some mistakes that most new bee bloggers commit.

And in the end these mistakes result in the failure of their blogging career. Today in this post I will be sharing some master tips that will ensure your brighter blogging career.


5 Tips To Assure Bright Insurance Career : -

1. Don't Ever Copy Insurance : -

  Well dear bloggers if you are copying others content to your blog. And if you think that copying content from well developed sites will result in traffic to your blog, then it's the biggest mistake of your life.

Believe me only this factor has got weight enough to roll over and destroy your blogging career. If you think Google or other search engines don't know that who is copying others content, then you are sadly mistaken.

Believe me these search engines are way more smarter than you if they have got bots to index every site on the internet, then what makes you think that they don't have one to identify copycats.

Well as a whole it is a fact that copying others content will downgrade your blog in S.E.O factors.

Just leave the search engines there are some sites that can spot the copycats. As an admin of a blog if my content gets copied it takes just a report to Google or DMCA from me to destroy that persons blogging career It's good to read content from well developed sites that will surely enhance your writing skills and your knowledge too, but don't copy the content just copy the ideas not the content.

2.Don't Mess up with Insurance robots.txt and Custom robots header Tags : -

  So what are these Custom robots.txt and Custom robots header tags ? well for now just keep in mind that that both of these are for bots.

What kind of bots ? These bots are called crawlers and spiders there main purpose is to index sites. Every search engine has it's own bots to index sites.

Just consider these two things as a guide for the bots guiding them what should they index and what should they leave. You can find them in the search preferences in settings.

I am not saying that you should not enable these as these two play a vital role in indexing your blog and when your blog gets indexed you can get traffic from search engines but i am just saying that don't enable it if you don't have the idea what are they for. As the waring mentioned in crawlers and indexing section is there for some reason .

I will be posting tutorials soon to enable these so keep in touch.

3.Build Insurance For Your Blog before Building Backlinks : -

So after learning that your blog can only get a high PR and traffic from search engines when you have plenty of backlinks to your site basically which is called S.E.O (search engine optimization). 

If you are not familiar what this term is then follow the below link to learn about S.E.O that plays a vital role in getting traffic for your blog from search engines.

Posting to your new blog can be at times boring know why ? because it doesn't matter how much quality content you create it will not get the deserved appreciation in terms of comment and social shares because when there is no traffic on your blog there will be no one to appreciate it but you know why it is important to create content for your blog before creating backlinks ?

 Lets's suppose that you have guest posted to a site and fortunately it is been approved then for sure you get a backlink to your site but guest posting is not only a way to get  backlinks but it is also a way to introduce yourself and your blog in front of new communities. For example if i read your guest post and i liked it so i would surely like to visit your blog and guess what ?

When i see about a no or poor content on your blog i will have no interest in your blog. That is why building content first for your blog matters in order to convert temporary readers to loyal readers of your blog.

4. Give Your Insurance a Professional Look : -

The appearance of your blog always helps to get more readers and more importantly it will help you maintain your old readers.

Clean and nice looking designed sites are not only warm welcomed by the readers but it also gives you S.E.O benefits as to provide reader friendly results is the best priority of the top search engines.

Now giving your site a professional look requires a few things. First of all if you are using Bloggers default templates then it is highly recommended to change your blogs template as quickly as possible, the reason behind it is that most new bee bloggers choose blogger to start there blogging career and they also use the default templates so you some how need to differentiate yourself from them, giving your readers a good impression about your blog. Here are some articles I have written to remove some unprofessional elements from your template.

 Another thing essential to give a professional impression on your readers is that you make your pic appear in the search results along with your content.

It really gives a good impression on searchers and studies show that searchers like to read content that has a pic of the author attached with it.

If you don't have an idea what i am talking about just check out the pic given below then you have a better idea what i am talking about.

So that is where your pic will be appearing in the search results just like the authors of well developed sites.

I have written a tutorial about how you can get your pic attached in Google search results, if you want to read about it then follow the link given below.

In addition to all of the points I have mentioned above you need to take care of some more things.

Make sure you provide your readers some nice looking widget to share your content, it's for your own good more the content will get shared the more readers your blog will have.

Make sure you have email subscription widgets atleast in your side bar and the end of every post, these will provide you loyal readers to your blog which are interested in your content.

If you are looking for widgets then do check the widgets i have posted on Eliteblogpress.

Now lets talk about the pages you should have on your blog. The About me page which tells the readers about the author and admin of the blog is essential.

Now what should you have in your about me page, first just write a paragraph about yourself then share your story about how you got in to blogging, define your skills and also define the Goal that you have in mind for your blog. the content you will be providing it your blog.

Another page is Contact us page.Just give links by which your readers can connect to you different platforms and then in the just give your email to end the page.

5. The First Thing Insurance Judge About Your Blog : -

The first thing your readers judge about your blog is obviously the first thing they see.

I am talking about the banner or the Header of your blog.You should have enough skills to make a banner of your site yourself. But if you don't you will have to contact a blog designer.

Yeah I know it costs money but it is very well worth the investment.

Share Your Views : -

These are some of the tips that can make the blogging career of a new blogger. I tried my best to get the best possible for you and now it is your time to contribute in the post.

Feel free to share your views by commenting and if you have queries unanswered simply contact me and if you liked this post so please share it to help others like you.
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