Email Subscription boxes with Popup effects deliver hell lot of better results in-terms of collecting emails subscribers. They get the best attention of a visitor which makes them so effective in doing their job. A visitor either have to subscribe or click a cross (x) icon to continue surfing your content.

Whatever he chooses, that subscription box makes the reader know that you're providing free updates via email.

Just because these popup subscription boxes are so worth using, I have coded a whole new subscription box with popup and lightbox effect.

Pros of Using Popup Subscription boxes:

1. They get the best attention.
2. Spotlights any product you're offering for an subscription.

Cons of Using Popup Subscription Boxes:

1. Could annoy your old and new visitors.
2. Could result in a slight increase in bounce rate.
3. Could make your visitors leave your blog (if you're not creating quality content)


     Click the button below to see the subscription box in action.

Note: The code I have provided below will trigger the subscription box when the page has loaded.

Enough chat, now here"s the code!


Popup Email Subscription Widget for Blogger:

1. Go to Blogger and login to your account.

2. Select your blog and navigate to the template section of the blog.


4. Press CTRL + F to get the search bar and search for this tag: <body>

5. Replace that tag with this one: <body onload='lightbox_open()'>

6. Now just after the <body onload='lightbox_open()'> tag place the below code

<div id="light"> <div style='position:absolute;left:-20px;top:-20px;text-align:center;font-size:31px;width:40px;height:40px;background-color:white;border:4px solid black;border-radius:100%;color:black;font-family: Impact, Haettenschweiler, "Franklin Gothic Bold", Charcoal, "Helvetica Inserat", "Bitstream Vera Sans Bold", "Arial Black", sans serif' onClick="lightbox_close();">X</div>  <center><img style='width:400px;height:125px;' src=''></img></center>
<form id='sub' action="" method="post" target="popupwindow" onsubmit="'', 'popupwindow', 'scrollbars=yes,width=550,height=520');return true">
<center> <p style='font-size:35px;margin-bottom:15px;'>Subscribe To Our Mailing List</p> <input class='sbox' id='sbox' type='text' name='uri' placeholder='Your Email Address...'/></center>
<input class='sbutton' id='sbutton' style='border:0; vertical-align: top;' name='upload' type='submit' value='Subscribe'/>
<center><p style='font-family:Source Sans Pro, sans-serif;' ><b>P.S</b> I will never spam you...100% GUARANTEED!</p></center>
<div id="fade"></div>
<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>

outline: 0.5px solid #4c004c;
#sbutton {
padding: 5px;font-size:30px;margin-top:10px;width:500px;margin-left:50px;:font-family: Candara, Calibri, Segoe, "Segoe UI", Optima, Arial, sans-serif;
form { margin:0px;font-family: Candara, Calibri, Segoe, "Segoe UI", Optima, Arial, sans-serif;}
#sbox {
width: 500px;height:30px;vertical-align:bottom;}
border: 1px solid #4c004c;
    display: none;
    position: fixed;
    top: 0%;
    left: 0%;
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;
    background-color: #000;
    -moz-opacity: 0.7;
    filter: alpha(opacity=70);
    display: none;
    position: fixed;
    top: 29%;
    left: 29%;
    width: 600px;
    height: 400px;
    margin-left: -150px;
    margin-top: -100px;              
    padding: 10px;
    border: 2px solid #FFF;
    background: white;

window.document.onkeydown = function (e)
    if (!e){
        e = event;
    if (e.keyCode == 27){
function lightbox_open(){
function lightbox_close(){

7. Just splash a click on the Save Template icon and enjoy the changes you just made in your blog by reloading your blog.


1.Change the blog logo url in RED with your blogs logo url.
2. Change the username in MAGENTA with your blog's feedburner username.

Did it worked?
      Do let me know how this widget is working on your blog. If you're having any trouble with this subscription box then leave your experience down in the comment box below! I'll fix any bugs present in this widget and off-course if you liked it just stay tuned for more :)

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P.S I will never spam you...100% GUARANTEED!
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When you plan to write the best content available in your niche that has the potential to go viral. All you think of is hell lot of hard work, several days for research and writing, but the truth is that writing quality content ain't that difficult.

Off-course, you need to put some extra effort in that article; which will require hard work. But should that content take the amount of time it normally takes?

Actually, it totally depends on how fast your mind fill up with new thoughts and your ability to express your thought into words and phrases. 

If you have planned to write something special in the past for your blog, then that content would have surely costed you a considerable amount of time, probably, way much than the normal articles you write
. But in this article I'm going to share 5 Tips that you can use to fasten the process of content creation for your blog.

1. Write what you know and like:

This is one of the most important points to keep in mind if you want to create content quickly in no time. If you start writing topics that you're not familiar with, then you'll need hell lot of research to complete that article. Writing about things that you don't know much is OK, if you want to know more about that topic.

But if you're writing on topics that you've got no interest in then you need to change the niche of your blog. Because you may drag yourself with that niche a month or two, but at last you'll find that things aren't working for you and you're getting fed up of this thing.

Doesn't matters how much profitable or traffic-studded that niche is, Just quit it!

After all, if you're looking for the perfect blog for yourself then you need to focus on your satisfaction not money or anything else. You shouldn't ever feel like you're working, that is the only way to stay in the Blogosphere. Otherwise you're going to leave it before anyone else knocks you out!

2. Don't work when you don't want to:

Quite a few days have passed since the last article was published on your blog; visitors are hungry for fresh content. You're bounce rate is increasing and you're loosing visitors. What should you do now?

The most common answer will be to leave everything and start creating content. Yeah, the approach is right, but it needs some tweaks.

If you're spending too much time on creating content, and still can't get it done, then STOP! It is a big sign that you're taking too much burden on your head.

Believe me, a whole day of work can't get you the results what an hours of work can. The thing is that when you push yourself towards the computer screen when you really want to take a deep breath in open air, you're most likely to end up with nothing.

[
So here I am with a complete guide that will let you know how you can turn your Blog responsive without hiring anyone to get this thing done for you.

As you already know, being a blogger you not only have to keep creating quality content, but to beat your competitors you need to take lead in every single thing. And making your blog responsive is one of them.

Nowadays, don't know how many people are surfing on Iphone, android smartphones, Ipads and most likely fablets. These devices need special adjustments to display our blogs properly (without scrolling left or right).

These adjustment can be done by using CSS, or more specifically by using CSS Queries. These Queries were introduced in CSS 3, with a bunch of other features that we're not going to discuss right now.

So talking about he CSS Queries, the simplest definition I can give you is: These provide different layouts for different resolutions.  All you need to do is to add some extra CSS code snippets in your blogs template.

I don't really want to give you a lecture on: Why is it important to make your blog responsive? because you probably know all that stuff, and that is why, you are here with me in this post. So I'll skip this part.

Before I tell you about CSS Media Queries and how you can make your blog responsive you need to read about what you already should know about CSS.

Who's this tutorial for?

OK, did I told you that these queries are the advanced part of CSS and it will require you to have basic knowledge of not only CSS but HTML. 

If you're not familiar with any of these then I recommend you tp spend some time learning them as you won't be able to understand these queries without a basic understanding of CSS and HTML.

If you don't know where you can learn all of these and lots more, then don't worry I have previously written an article about some great websites that provide coding tutorials online for free.

Why not give a code for beginners as I always do? The problem is that this time it won't work... Why?

I'll let you know. The thing is that every web page ain't got the same HTML structure except the main tags like: HTML, header and body tags. A blog can't be made responsive with only these tags. You need more insights about the structure that differs in every web page.

So if I provide a code that makes my blog responsive there are 100% chances that it won't work for you, because you need to study the HTML structure well, before making it responsive.

So make sure you're good at playing with code snippets!

Browsers Supporting Media Queries:

As the demand of responsive layouts is increasing day by day. All the latest browsers support the Media Queries to keep themselves in the competition. CSS queries are supported by Internet Explorer 9 and later versions, Opera 7 and later version, Safari 3 and later versions, Firefox 3.5 and later versions and Chrome 4.0 and later versions.

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Blogger's Quick-edit icon is one of the default features that Blogger provides to increase user-experience, but like many others in the list: you may find this one spoiling the look of your blog.

If yes, than this is the post for you!

Today I will let you know how you can get rid of this wrench icon from your blog.

By default this quickedit icon code is present on every single widget you add on a blog, which in the absence of Css means that you have to remove every single quickedit code present on your template.

But thanks to Css! for limiting all of that work to a single property.

As you know that this feature allows you to edit your widgets and posts while staying on the blog. After you remove it you won't be able to use quick-editing.

It's basically a deal to get  good-design for less user-friendly experience.

So if you are ready to go for the deal let me quickly take you towards the tutorial.

How to remove Quickedit Icon from your Blog:

1:Go to your blogger dashboard and select your blog.

2:Navigate to the template section of your blog and click Edit Template.

3:Press CTRL + F to get the search bar and search for this code


4:Above this code paste the below code

.quickedit {display:none;}

In some templates the above code may not work then try pasting the code

.widget-item-control {display:none;}

And that's it hit the Save Template icon and enjoy the changes!

Did it Worked? 
                       If you're having any trouble with this quickedit edit icon, don't forget to leave a comment below.
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Increasing page likes for your Facebook page is never an easy task.It might sound as easy as making someone click on a button but It's far more difficult than that.

But don't worry, I'll tell you why is it that hard. Consider yourself scrolling down your news feed.

Would you like to see some posts that don't match your interests ? Of course, No !

The same thing happens with you while promoting your Facebook page.You just aren't getting the right kind of audience to follow your updated.

With the following of Billions Facebook pages have become an epic way to open the floodgates of traffic to your blog.

And that is just why, you need to spend some time building your Facebook page likes to gather a good number of like minded people that can then result in a good amount of traffic for your blog.

Today I'll be sharing some outstanding tricks that can help you increase your Facebook page likes.

Image Credits :

1.Right Audience Equals Facebook Likes:

This is the most important step in increasing your Facebook page likes.Knowing what kind of people you are targetting will help you more than anything else.

You know your niche, Right ? Than you probably would know the popular blogs in your niche that have enormous facebook fans.

List all of them out.I want you to save that list in a place where It is safe and easily accessible, maybe a spreadsheet will be a nice place.

Now Facebook offers an feature of using Facebook as profiles and pages too.You need to use Facebook as your page.Follow all the pages that can get you the audience that you target in your blog.

Then make their fans feel your presence by commenting on their updates.

The commenting should be informative about your niche, something that helps others.

Don't go for useless and funny comments they aren't gonna get you anywhere.

Use the reply feature to respond to the queries of their audience.Once you start sharing useful info that will  prove helpful to the audience you will gradually start getting likes from other pages that will help you boost up your traffic.

The strategy is quite useful in fulfilling the term "Reach the Right Audience" and the best part is that as soon as you get likes from the people that can show interest in your content you are more likely to get some more post engagements.

2.Be Active To get Likes:

It's just like dealing your own blog. No new content, no traffic. Same thing goes for Facebook pages too.

Facebook pages lose reach when don't post much. Although I don't follow this tactic myself but it is a fact that if you don't post often you are pushing your Facebook page to death by your own hands.

There is no hard and fast rule that you are only supposed to post your blog updates on your Facebook page. Try sharing some motivational quotes, these work best everyone likes to get motivated.

These posts are going to get you more shares and more engagement and as you know sharing on Facebook means that the post will get more reach that will increase your Facebook page likes.

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As the use of internet has dramatically increased during the past few years.Many people have started looking towards internet for their living.

It it a truth that money could be made online but there is a catch.The truth is that more than half of the job opportunities provided online are SCAM.It seems quite difficult to differenciate between the legitimate and scam job opportunities.

Many people have lost hundred's and in some cases thousands of dollars to these scams.

It is quite troubling for one who is trying to make some handsome amount of money online by hardwork. Most of the students try to get online jobs to fulfil their teenage expenditures.

Hence, I am going to cover all of the points that can save you from an online job scam and make sure what ever you do on the Internet for job opportunities is done without wasting any money and time.

So Here are 8 red signals for you to identify scams.


1. Check For Reviews :

Ok, so you just found a site offering online job opportunities for you.The site is well designed, looks professional and  offers great rates, seem a perfect place to work.Right ? But wait any of those doesn't states that the site isn't a Scam.

The best way to check if a site is a scam is to Google it's reviews.Nowadays almost everyone has a blog. If anything is wrong with that site, it should have been blogged till now.

Just Google this Sentence "Is a Scam" or "Is legit".You are most likely to find hundreds of experiences others already had.

Don't just believe the posts but do make an effort of reading every comment as this will give you a better idea.What that site has done to others.If you find anyone claiming that site to be a scam I suggest you don't move forward.As this can not only save your money but a lot of time which is precious than money.

[
How to withdraw money from paypal and i will show how to withdraw paypal money in pakistan, malaysia and unsupported countries
If you are earning money online or like to shop online then till now you would have known that paypal is one of the best ways to withdraw your earnings and shop online

but unfortunately paypal is not supported in all countries which is quite a big problem for people who would like to withdraw their earnings through paypal in their country and in this post I will let you know how you can withdraw your paypal money in unsupported countries.

The method I am going to mention below won't just help you withdraw your money in your country but it will also help in verifying your paypal account which will help you raise your paypal account limits and in case

you are fond of online shopping then it will also help you buy products from sellers that don't accept money from unverified paypal accounts.

So firstly let's have a look on the options paypal provides to withdraw your money.

Paypal withdrawal Options :

1.Through Bank Accounts (In U.S )

2..Through Credit or Debit Cards

Now here's a list of the paypal unsupported countries

Paypal Unsupported Countries :

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  3. Haiti
  4. Monaco
  5. Tromelin Island
  6. Akrotiri
  7. Coral Sea Islands
  8. Heard Island and McDonald Islands
  9. Navassa Island
  10. Uzbekistan
  11. American Samoa
  12. Cote d'Ivoire
  13. Iran
  14. Nigeria
  15. Virgin Islands
  16. Antarctica
  17. Cuba
  18. Isle of Man
  19. Northern Mariana Islands
  20. Wake Island
  21. Ashmore and Cartier Islands
  22. Dhekelia
  23. Jan Mayen
  24. Pakistan
  25. West Bank
  26. Bangladesh
  27. Egypt
  28. Jersey
  29. Paracel Islands
  30. Western Sahara
  31. Bassas da India
  32. Equatorial Guinea
  33. Juan de Nova Island
  34. Paraguay
  35. Zimbabwe
  36. Belarus
  37. Europa Island
  38. Korea North
  39. Puerto Rico
  40. Bouvet Island
  41. French Southern and Antarctic Lands
  42. Lebanon
  43. Serbia and Montenegro
  44. British Indian Ocean Territory
  45. Gaza Strip
  46. Liberia
  47. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
  48. Burma
  49. Georgia
  50. Libya
  51. Spratly Islands
  52. Cameroon
  53. Ghana
  54. Macau
  55. Sudan
  56. Central African Republic
  57. Glorioso Islands
  58. Macedonia
  59. Syria
  60. Christmas Island
  61. Guam
  62. Micronesia, Federated States of
  63. Timor-Leste
  64. Clipperton Island
  65. Guernsey
  66. Moldova
  67. Tokelau

Now let's come to the meat of the article How to withdraw paypal money in all of the unsupported countries listed above.

How to Withdraw Money from Paypal In Unsupported Countries :

If you live in one of the countries listed above then you need to take help from an other service named Payoneer.

Here's how it's gonna work..
Remember previously in this post I mentioned the withdrawal options paypal provides for it's users ?? Yup the US Bank Account and the debit card one.

Guess what Payonner is just gonna provide you both of these just for free.

When you apply for a Payonner master card payoneer creates your bank account in Bank of America or 1st Century Bank which means you will be able to withdraw your funds through your Us Bank Account.The Money transferred in your bank account will automatically be loaded in your Payoneer Master Card which then can be withdrawn through any of your nearest Atm's.

Apply for a Payoneer Master Card :

By following the above link you will land on a page where you can order your payoneer master card which will be delivered to your home for free.

Just click on the Sign Up icon.Fill in the information required to get your free payoneer master card delivered at your home.

Make sure that all the details you fill in match the details on your NIC (National Identity Card)  like your first name, last name, date of birth etc.

After you fill in the details your payoneer account will be created and you will recieve details about the arrival of your payoneer master card in your inbox.

Payoneer usually delivers the debit card in 30 buisness days but I got mine delivered in 9 days :)

Now assuming that the card has been delivered.You'll need to follow the given steps to activate it.

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