Lets face it! Not everyone has the deep pockets to buy expensive fitness equipment. But staying fit is also important. Luckily, the dumbbell market has a lot of products that can suite your needs and also fall in to your budget. In this article, I would share the best dumbbells under $200 (in my opinion) to get you started with your fitness goals.

Review: Best Adjustable Dumbbells Under $200

(1) Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells

  The Bayou fitness adjustable dumbbells (50 pounds) are one of the best equipments available in the market. You can use this Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Reviewequipment for your arms, abs, legs, chest, and shoulders. One of the best aspects of this product is that you can easily alter the weight of this equipment.

Over the years, there has been drastic rise in the demand for these dumbbells. Thanks to its reasonable pricing, the demand for this product is on a constant rise. Another reason for the rise in the demand for this product is because of the various schemes offered by the manufacturers of this product. For instance, you can buy a used dumbbell at a price lesser than its actual price. Additionally, the manufacturers are also offering 30 days refund option. These offers increase the demand as buyer is inclined to buy the product. (Also see our previous review on Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell)

Individuals who have used this product have only positive things to say about it. Since there’s least possibility of any safety hazards, so people have no fear while using this product. The aggressive marketing on Internet as well as television by the product manufacturers has helped in increasing the sales of this product. CLICK HERE to see all the Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Products

Some positive facets of Bayou Fitness Adjustable dumbbells (50 pounds):

If you buy a dumbbell of 50 pounds, but after a few months, you require higher category weight equipment, then there is no need to buy new dumbbells, as you can easily increase or decrease weight categories of this product.
The versatile nature of this product makes it easier to use.
The grips of this dumbbell are easy to handle. Additionally, there are remote chances of their slipping due to sweat on your palm.
This weight equipment is tailor-made for safe and comfortable usage.
50 pounds weights might be available at just $150, so it won’t make a significant hole in your pocket. Here, you need to remember that despite being low priced, this product doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality. All the important parts/pieces of this dumbbell are made up of metal, which makes it stand out from the rest in the market.
Easily movable pins make it easier to make weight changes. In order to make weight changes, you just need to pull up the spring and move in a new weight. Since, it’s small, so you won’t face any difficulty while storing this dumbbell.

Negative aspects of Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells (50 pounds):

Every product has both positive and negative aspects, and this is also applicable in case of this weight equipment. The stand of this dumbbell is sticky and there might be instances wherein you will notice that the dumbbell makes clattering sound, which might be irritating for some individuals.


The Bayou fitness adjustable dumbbells (50 pounds) are a must have, especially if you are a fitness freak. If you are having this dumbbell, then you don’t need to spend money on gym fees, as your home will turn into a mini-gym.

(2) PowerBlock Dumbbell Set

Building a perfect body is everyone’s dream. One such method for body building is by using weights and dumbbells. Among the different dumbbells available, here we are reviewing the PowerBlock Dumbbell set. The PowerBlock dumbbell set is a concept introduced by Greg Olsen and Carl Towley. They are the founders of Intellbell Inc. This has certain advantages over the other conventional dumbbells. In this set, the time required to change the weights are very less compared to other dumbbells. This also decreases the space and cost than the old fashioned standard dumbbells.

PowerBlock Dumbbell Set – Design

The PowerBlock design typically consists of three pieces. First one is the core. The core is basically the internal handle. It sits inside the first weight piece and the subsequent weights are included on top of that weight like that of concentric circles.
The second one is the weight. The weights are similar to the adjustable weight machine and is included on top of the core. The weight of the core is five pounds and each weight adds ten pounds to the core.

The third one is the selector pin. It is a metal rod that slides between the weight plates. So when you are lifting up the dumbbell set only the weights above the selector pins can get lifted up. In normal rest condition of the dumbbell the pin is placed at the middle of the weights. You can move it to the left or right to to increase and decrease the weights. The dumbbell set also has adder weights that help you increase the weight of the dumbbell. Each adder weight adds 2.5 pounds to the dumbbell.

If you look closely you may feel that the core may not be able to withstand the weights. But the core is made from a material that is strong but light at the same time. The core has a weight of only 5 lbs. In the Powerblock dumbbells the weights can be adjusted more easily compared to the others.

As a safety requirement the dumbbell also has magnets to prevent slippage of any weights from its position and cause any damage. The dumbbells also provide wrist support which is not present in other dumbbells. So these PowerBlock dumbbells also take care of the security issues so that no untoward incident occurs while you are using it.

The PowerBlock dumbbells are for those who are interested in body building and want to get to a perfect body shape. If you cannot find time to go to the gym, then this is the perfect equipment since you can use this product at the comforts of your home.

(3) Gold's Gym Adjustable Dumbbells

Choice is important when choosing any product. Flexibility in use is also a big add-on for almost anything with a price tag. In those areas the Gold’s Gym Switch Plate 100-lb Dumbbells definitely over excel.

This set of dumbbells and stand allows you to adjust the weights according to the level of your workout. You can choose between ten pounds or up to 50 pounds per dumbbell, all by simply turning a knob. Whether your pumping for a cardio work out or looking into putting on some severe rips for your body, the flexibility that this set allows can fit into your workout.

The set could definitely conform to any small area in your gym, a nook in your closet or a space in your attic. This product is definitely a great add on to any gym, whether home based or even a membership based gym. The fact that it is so portable and easy to set-up makes it possible for you to work out on the beach, the park, your office, or even when you go out on outings with friends or family. Gold’s Gym’s dumbbells makes it easy for you to achieve a ripped body wherever you go.

The body and make is very solid. It doesn’t feel cheap and plasticky, unlike some dumbbells that have adjustable weights. And so far, in the several months and weeks that I’ve been using it, it not only looks cheap but is very durable. The stand and dumbbells still look like they’re new after receiving several hours per day of use and abuse from my intense workouts.
Having a free stand is definitely a big bonus. Aside from holding the weights that you are not using it also helps reduce the clutter if you have a home gym and helps reduce the risk that you bump your toe into it while working out. Ergonomic and comfortable hand grips also increase safety and ease of use and is another plus.

This set of dumbbells are actually the only ones that I use right now. I gave away my old set of individual dumbbells since owning this set is enough for my day to day workouts. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who uses dumbbells daily and for anyone who wants to work out. Whether it’s cardio-training or strength-training, Gold’s Gym Switch Plate 100-lb Dumbbells can definitely do the job for you and more. My friends are actually asking me if they could borrow them.

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