How to withdraw money from paypal and i will show how to withdraw paypal money in pakistan, malaysia and unsupported countries
If you are earning money online or like to shop online then till now you would have known that paypal is one of the best ways to withdraw your earnings and shop online

but unfortunately paypal is not supported in all countries which is quite a big problem for people who would like to withdraw their earnings through paypal in their country and in this post I will let you know how you can withdraw your paypal money in unsupported countries.

The method I am going to mention below won't just help you withdraw your money in your country but it will also help in verifying your paypal account which will help you raise your paypal account limits and in case

you are fond of online shopping then it will also help you buy products from sellers that don't accept money from unverified paypal accounts.

So firstly let's have a look on the options paypal provides to withdraw your money.

Paypal withdrawal Options :

1.Through Bank Accounts (In U.S )

2..Through Credit or Debit Cards

Now here's a list of the paypal unsupported countries

Paypal Unsupported Countries :

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  3. Haiti
  4. Monaco
  5. Tromelin Island
  6. Akrotiri
  7. Coral Sea Islands
  8. Heard Island and McDonald Islands
  9. Navassa Island
  10. Uzbekistan
  11. American Samoa
  12. Cote d'Ivoire
  13. Iran
  14. Nigeria
  15. Virgin Islands
  16. Antarctica
  17. Cuba
  18. Isle of Man
  19. Northern Mariana Islands
  20. Wake Island
  21. Ashmore and Cartier Islands
  22. Dhekelia
  23. Jan Mayen
  24. Pakistan
  25. West Bank
  26. Bangladesh
  27. Egypt
  28. Jersey
  29. Paracel Islands
  30. Western Sahara
  31. Bassas da India
  32. Equatorial Guinea
  33. Juan de Nova Island
  34. Paraguay
  35. Zimbabwe
  36. Belarus
  37. Europa Island
  38. Korea North
  39. Puerto Rico
  40. Bouvet Island
  41. French Southern and Antarctic Lands
  42. Lebanon
  43. Serbia and Montenegro
  44. British Indian Ocean Territory
  45. Gaza Strip
  46. Liberia
  47. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
  48. Burma
  49. Georgia
  50. Libya
  51. Spratly Islands
  52. Cameroon
  53. Ghana
  54. Macau
  55. Sudan
  56. Central African Republic
  57. Glorioso Islands
  58. Macedonia
  59. Syria
  60. Christmas Island
  61. Guam
  62. Micronesia, Federated States of
  63. Timor-Leste
  64. Clipperton Island
  65. Guernsey
  66. Moldova
  67. Tokelau

Now let's come to the meat of the article How to withdraw paypal money in all of the unsupported countries listed above.

How to Withdraw Money from Paypal In Unsupported Countries :

If you live in one of the countries listed above then you need to take help from an other service named Payoneer.

Here's how it's gonna work..
Remember previously in this post I mentioned the withdrawal options paypal provides for it's users ?? Yup the US Bank Account and the debit card one.

Guess what Payonner is just gonna provide you both of these just for free.

When you apply for a Payonner master card payoneer creates your bank account in Bank of America or 1st Century Bank which means you will be able to withdraw your funds through your Us Bank Account.The Money transferred in your bank account will automatically be loaded in your Payoneer Master Card which then can be withdrawn through any of your nearest Atm's.

Apply for a Payoneer Master Card :

By following the above link you will land on a page where you can order your payoneer master card which will be delivered to your home for free.

Just click on the Sign Up icon.Fill in the information required to get your free payoneer master card delivered at your home.

Make sure that all the details you fill in match the details on your NIC (National Identity Card)  like your first name, last name, date of birth etc.

After you fill in the details your payoneer account will be created and you will recieve details about the arrival of your payoneer master card in your inbox.

Payoneer usually delivers the debit card in 30 buisness days but I got mine delivered in 9 days :)

Now assuming that the card has been delivered.You'll need to follow the given steps to activate it.

Activate Your Payoneer Master Card :

1.Go to payoneer and log in to your account.

2.Click on Activate and then enter your Payoneer Master Card number (printed in front of the card) and enter a 4 digit pin for your card and activate it.Your card will be activated.

Till now you have recieved your payoneer debit card and it's been activated the card is ready to recieve and withdraw payments.

But wait there is one more thing to take care of.It's the bank account ! Yup, the account is created but it needs to be enabled.Basically payoneer calls it US PAYMENT SERVICE and you can activate it in no time.Just follow the below steps.

Enable US Payment Service :

1. log in to your payoneer account and in the dashboard click on the Receive money tab in the navigation bar and from the drop-down menu click on US Payment Profile.

2.Now at the end of the page you will find a link to a Questionnaire and a link to submit your ID documents.These two are necessary to enable your US PAYMENT SERVICE.

3.At first go to the questionnaire and then submit some details about why you need this service and submit the questionnaire.In most cases just provide a link to the source from where you are earning money online and tell them you need it to be transferred in your US Bank Account.

3.Now time to upload your ID card's copy to payoneer. Just take a nice and clear shot of your ID card and upload it.

You will recieve an email when your US Payment Service is enabled.

The card is activated and your Bank account is ready to recieve funds from paypal once the Us Payment Service is Enabled.Now all you have to do is to link your US Bank Account with your Paypal Account and withdraw your money after that you will be holding your money in your hand in a few days.

Here's how you'r supposed to link your bank account with your Paypal Account

Link U.S Bank Account with PayPal :

1.log in to your paypal account.While on the dashboard hover on profile and from the drop-down menu click  Add/Edit Bank Account.

2.Now get log in to your Payoneer account and click on US Payment Profile under recieve money tab.There you will find each and everything you will need to link your account with your Paypal account.

3.Just choose account type as checking and provide your routing and account number.

And that's it you'r all done all you need to do now is to withdraw your money to your bank account which automatically will be transferred to your Payoneer master card which then can be withdrawn through any of your nearest Atm's that support your card.

If you want to know your nearest ATM locations then Master Card's Global ATM Locator is the best place for you.

You can Earn $25 as a Reward

Wait...did I told you about the reward system? Ok, so when you receive the card and activate it. Payoneer is going to reward you with $25 once you've loaded a minimum amount of $100 dollars in your account. Awesome, isn't it?  Click here to apply for a  Payoneer Master Card Now for Free.

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         If you are from one of the countries where paypal payments are not supported then payoneer is the right option for you to withdraw your money in your country.If you have any queries about this post than simply leave it down in the comment box.
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  1. Hello Hamza,

    Thanks for this helpful post, i'm from Egypt, the fact is that the PayPal account itself does not accept money from someone, even sent by mail, so how it will be transfered to a US bank account, i have only the send money tab and. So you mean by this post that this tab will be added if we linked our PayPal account to Payoneer Card and add set the US payment option ? I just wanted your confirmation before registering to Payoneer

    1. Hello Hussein,

      Your question was that how your funds are going to be transferred to your U.S Bank account (which you will get after signing up for Payoneer). The process is quite simple: first I assume that you have some funds that you want to withdraw. What you need to do is to signup for Payoneer, and after signing up from the dashboard of your Payoneer account hover on Recieve payments and from the drop down menu select "My U.S Payment service profile". You will get all the details of your U.S Bank account from there, like routing no, Bank name, account no., etc. But remember you need to verify this serivice by first by filling in a questionaire and by providing your NIC for identity verification. In my case it only took 3 to 4 hours to get verified.

      Now get to your Paypal account, from the homepage hover on profile and then select "Add a Bank Account". Fill in all of the information that it requires, the information is available on the "My U.S Payment Profile" tab in your Payoneer account. After your bank account has been added.

      All you need to do is to navigate to the "Withdraw" link from the homepage of Paypal. You will find an option which lets you withdraw your money to your U.S Bank Account that you just added. Just type in how much money you want to withdraw and click on continue. The money will be sent to your U.S Bank Account in 3 buisness days, which then will be automatically added to your Payoneer Credit Card. You can visit any nearest ATM that supports Master Card (you can use Master Cards Global ATM locator I gave a link in the post) to withdraw your funds. Just make sure that the name and other information that you used to signup for Payoneer matches with Paypal otherwise the funds won't get transferred. I hope the answer was satisfactory but if it wasn't, make sure to leave a comment so that I can email you some screenshots that will let you know how it's done. Hope you had a good experience on Eliteblogpress!

    2. Thank you Hamza,

      The fact is that there will not be any possibility for money to be transferred to my PayPal account to withdraw from it to any bank account, that is my point, the PayPal in Egypt is to buy only i cannot receive money on it (Even by Email or by an Add to cart button). Usually i use Master Card also (a credit card) but issued from Egypt(only to buy online) not from USA, maybe there will be a difference when setting up a new new PayPal account with USA bank account from Payoneer ?

    3. Hussain you are getting it wrong. Why do you think that you won't be able to transfer your money to your bank account? Yes, I know, Paypal doesn't supports Egypt but the point is that you are not going to transfer money to a bank account in Egypt! You are going to transfer your money in a "U.S" Bank account where Paypal services are available. You can transfer your money to any U.S Bank account. Doesn't matters if you are from Egypt, Pakistan or any of the unsupported countries. Paypal may not be available in Egypt but Payoneer is!

      The thing is, that Paypal will transfer your money to a U.S Bank Account and from there Payoneer will get your money to Egypt through an ATM.

      I noticed, you mentioned that you don't have an "Withdraw" link in your Paypal account. I guess I had it even when my Paypal account wasn't verified. But I suggest you to take a look again in your account may be you are missing that link. Let me tell you a quick way: In your Paypal's homepage Press CTRL + F and a search bar will appear. Type 'Withdraw" in it, and see if you get any results. If you do, then you can add your bank account from there too. And if you don't I recommend you contact with their customer service they'll prove helpful.

      You mentioned your current master card can be used to shop online only. Well, with Payoneer Master Card you can shop and withdraw funds at the same time. And as far as a new Paypal account is concerned for Payoneer credit card. I will only suggest that you only signup on Payoneer with the same information on your Paypal account because these kind of information are necessary to match or your funds won't get transferred. You can always create a new account on Paypal to make sure that the Information you have on your NIC matches with both accounts. I did that too!

      Let me know if you found the withdraw link and by the way fanbox is a scam don't waste your time and money on it, Happy earnings!

  2. are you aware that paypal records he IP/Proxy every time you use and and can detect that you are not using it from US ?

    1. Well, I certainly didn't knew that, but what's the point? Is it prohibited to use Payoneer in USA? (I didn't found anything like that in the FAQ section)

    2. I think what he meant was that Paypal records all your activities in your account and compares it each time you log in your account, so even if you use a proxy server or hide your IP
      your paypal account will be suspended eventually and they will request some verification (usually gov. documents) that you actually live in that country where your registered your Paypal account and where paypal itself is supported. it may work for some time but you in the end the account will be suspended believe me.. I've tried ><

    3. It's been more than a year that I created my Paypal account and my account hasn't been suspended neither was I asked to show any kind of identity proof. So far so good !!!

  3. In order to transfer the funds from the Egyptian paypal to payoneer, you need to have funds on the paypal in the first place to transfer them. You can't have funds on your paypal. Egyptian paypal minimum balance is 0, and maximum balance is 0.

  4. And there would be another problem using the card (assuming the system will work in the first place, which is doubtful since as said there is no receiving fund button on paypal originating from unsupported countries, not only Egypt)....withdrawal in Egypt and many other countries listed above using local ATM machines will automatically convert the dollar into Egyptian pound or local currency. This would be a lost case for some.

    1. Well, according to you Paypal accounts with Egypt chosen as their country don't have any option to withdraw their funds. Even if it is the case, you don't need to worry. I myself live in Pakistan, and it is not listed in the countries section. So while signing up I choose Cyprus as my country, and I was able to withdraw my funds. So you can create another account with Cyprus selected as your country and get the withdraw option. And as far as the currency exchange rates are concerned, you'll have to pay for them doesn't matter which way you choose to withdraw your earnings.

  5. sometimes I feel paypal as necessary evil for freelance bloggers and writers. I think Google Wallet had some chance but it whoosed out

  6. Hamza Butt do you have a bank account in Cyprus? if nor how were you able to open a paypal by choosing Cyprus as your country? Kindly explain.

    1. Nope I don't have a bank account in Cyprus, but I do have a bank account in US (the one Payoneer provided me). Doesn't matters in which part of the world you're living, you can always add a US based bank account to your Paypal account.

      Hope it answers the question.

  7. Some countries just don't have withdrawal as feature. No matter if you link your Payoneer USPS account (I did).

    > Funds Withdrawal Not Available For Your Account
    > PayPal accounts opened in this country or region currently cannot withdraw funds. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you.

    1. Which region are you in? And what country did you selected while signing up?

    2. I first read this tutorial then followed this one: and i have a now working PayPAl account ...

  8. Right now Payoneer no longer is being accepted by Paypal. We have our clients who can't find ways to get their money out. So we offered our withdraw service which may or may not be helpful. It can be found here:

    1. is a scam website they stole my money with a fake paypal account dont do business with them find out the also scam website check or google "auction essistance scam"

    2. I bought from Auction Essistance and I can say they have provided. That ebayfraudsite is owned by the thief cheapvccs who also owns lightvcc, cheapvba, and also vccghana. All scam sites, so beware people.

  9. I was scammed by lightvcc which is also owned by VCCghana. Do not fall for their deceit. I buy all of my stuff from Auction Essistance now.

  10. This is the bad side of Paypal. Africans are really in pain. I get micro jobs for 2$ 5$ and it makes it difficult for me to recieve the money. Right now, i have to look for a friend in Europe to be receiving my payments which is still risky for me.
    I was just wondering what reason has Paypal given for making us ''smell'' gold but cant have it?

    1. Hi Angu,

      Payoneer currently is the best method available to get your earnings. I know many people are still unable to use Paypal with Payoneer, but still it is the best option available out there.

      I would simply advice you to leave any kind of mini jobs that make your $5 and enroll in affiliate programs like Amazon that pay directly to Payoneer.

      Secondly, I know people would find that really strange, but even in 2016 my Paypal account is working with Payoneer. I don't know what's the reason behind, but it's working.

      The only thing I can think of is that the account I am using was really old and didn't had any kind transactions. And when I tried to link my Payoneer card with it, it worked! So if you have an account that 2-3 years old with no activity, try using it. Who knows it might solve the problem for you.

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