As the use of internet has dramatically increased during the past few years.Many people have started looking towards internet for their living.

It it a truth that money could be made online but there is a catch.The truth is that more than half of the job opportunities provided online are SCAM.It seems quite difficult to differenciate between the legitimate and scam job opportunities.

Many people have lost hundred's and in some cases thousands of dollars to these scams.

It is quite troubling for one who is trying to make some handsome amount of money online by hardwork. Most of the students try to get online jobs to fulfil their teenage expenditures.

Hence, I am going to cover all of the points that can save you from an online job scam and make sure what ever you do on the Internet for job opportunities is done without wasting any money and time.

So Here are 8 red signals for you to identify scams.


1. Check For Reviews :

Ok, so you just found a site offering online job opportunities for you.The site is well designed, looks professional and  offers great rates, seem a perfect place to work.Right ? But wait any of those doesn't states that the site isn't a Scam.

The best way to check if a site is a scam is to Google it's reviews.Nowadays almost everyone has a blog. If anything is wrong with that site, it should have been blogged till now.

Just Google this Sentence "Is a Scam" or "Is legit".You are most likely to find hundreds of experiences others already had.

Don't just believe the posts but do make an effort of reading every comment as this will give you a better idea.What that site has done to others.If you find anyone claiming that site to be a scam I suggest you don't move forward.As this can not only save your money but a lot of time which is precious than money.

2. Check For Ads :

That's an other thing that could trigger the scam alarm. Know why ? because legit sites usually make money interms of the commission they get by the completion of online work done.

The sites that run ads gives me a feeling that these sites only want to drive in some traffic and get some clicks on their ads to generate some revenue by adsense or similar platforms.

3. Jobs aren't a Piece Of Cake :

Yup, that is right. If they are providing you jobs without any kind of discussion with the employer, interview or any kind of process that is necessary for hiring someone for a job.

Then they are surely a fraud.Legit sites always take the best possible information about your edcucation, your skills and your experiecnce.

4.Greed Always makes you Pay :

One of the most common tactics scammers use to make your senses lost is offering a great amount of money in return for your services.Always follow your instincts, compare your work with the amount their paying for it.

If you find the payment ratio incredibly high then I could assure you that the job is a scam.Think about it on your own. 70,000 dollars or around that each month. I mean come on ! 

So don't ever fall in this trap always work in a place where you may get low rates but atleast they will pay you for your work.

5.Check for sub-domains and Contact pages :-

If you find some kind of job oppurtunities at somekind of blog with subdomains then don't ever go for the work.

If they are really offering jobs then they atleast should have that much budget by which they can pay for a domain.

Sites that redirect you to different sites or sub-domain blogs for regisrattion or similar purposes are usually fake.

Don't dare to register on these kind of sites where you are consistantly redirected to another site or blog, there should be one legit site to offer the work and all kind of information about it.

Redirecting tactic is only used to increase the chances of ad clicks.

Do have a look on the email address they have given for contact purposes.Check if it is domain email address like or a normal email address like

It is very difficult to belive that a legit company on the internet nowadays doesn't even has a domain email address.

6.Spam means Scam :

If any site you have joined is sending you spam emails then this a big red alert.

Companies are only supposed to send you email for work purposes not for spamming your inbox.

This technique is used to make some money through email marketing.These kind of companies are always looking for email addressess that can be sent some products.

If your inbox in getting scammed then this is the time to quit.Don't waste your time and skills serving those scams.

7.They'll ask you credit card information :

Some scams ask for credit card information stating that it is the requirement of the registration process.That should ring the bells for you.There is just no need for credit card information in online work.Except you are shopping online.

Most companies use paypal and simiar services to pay the earned money.No one does it through credit cards !

8.Check for grammer Mistakes :

While contacting your employer have a good check on the grammer mistakes in the Emails.Many scammers now adays don't leave a clue behind but still many of them miss this part.

If you find mistakes in the Emails then be sure to pack your bags for another job search.

Conclusion :
      All of the above signs give a clear indication that you are being scammed.It's always better to spend some time searching for the right place to work instead of wasting your time just to make someone else rich.

So make sure you conduct a great research before starting any kind of online work.The presence of scams all around the Web doesn't means that there are no legit sites on the internet.

If you had any kind of experience of online scam then please leave it down in the comment box, maybe your experience could be useful to me or any of the reader.

And Hey, Best of Luck for your Job Search !
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