Increasing page likes for your Facebook page is never an easy task.It might sound as easy as making someone click on a button but It's far more difficult than that.

But don't worry, I'll tell you why is it that hard. Consider yourself scrolling down your news feed.

Would you like to see some posts that don't match your interests ? Of course, No !

The same thing happens with you while promoting your Facebook page.You just aren't getting the right kind of audience to follow your updated.

With the following of Billions Facebook pages have become an epic way to open the floodgates of traffic to your blog.

And that is just why, you need to spend some time building your Facebook page likes to gather a good number of like minded people that can then result in a good amount of traffic for your blog.

Today I'll be sharing some outstanding tricks that can help you increase your Facebook page likes.

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1.Right Audience Equals Facebook Likes:

This is the most important step in increasing your Facebook page likes.Knowing what kind of people you are targetting will help you more than anything else.

You know your niche, Right ? Than you probably would know the popular blogs in your niche that have enormous facebook fans.

List all of them out.I want you to save that list in a place where It is safe and easily accessible, maybe a spreadsheet will be a nice place.

Now Facebook offers an feature of using Facebook as profiles and pages too.You need to use Facebook as your page.Follow all the pages that can get you the audience that you target in your blog.

Then make their fans feel your presence by commenting on their updates.

The commenting should be informative about your niche, something that helps others.

Don't go for useless and funny comments they aren't gonna get you anywhere.

Use the reply feature to respond to the queries of their audience.Once you start sharing useful info that will  prove helpful to the audience you will gradually start getting likes from other pages that will help you boost up your traffic.

The strategy is quite useful in fulfilling the term "Reach the Right Audience" and the best part is that as soon as you get likes from the people that can show interest in your content you are more likely to get some more post engagements.

2.Be Active To get Likes:

It's just like dealing your own blog. No new content, no traffic. Same thing goes for Facebook pages too.

Facebook pages lose reach when don't post much. Although I don't follow this tactic myself but it is a fact that if you don't post often you are pushing your Facebook page to death by your own hands.

There is no hard and fast rule that you are only supposed to post your blog updates on your Facebook page. Try sharing some motivational quotes, these work best everyone likes to get motivated.

These posts are going to get you more shares and more engagement and as you know sharing on Facebook means that the post will get more reach that will increase your Facebook page likes.

Being active is not only good for gaining likes but it also helps you maintain and increase your overall reach of your fans.

3. Hashtags Can Increase Likes Too:

Did you knew hashtags can give you likes ? Well, if the answer is no then I'll let you know how.

Ok have you ever tried to search something using hashtags on facebook ? I guess yeah !

After Twitter added the Hashtag feature Facebook did the same too, to help users get to the most relevant content they are looking for.

When people search for a particular topic on Facebook it shows the most relevant results based on hashtags, doesn't matters if the person searching has liked your page or not.They will see your updates, which ultimately means more reach and more likes.

So the next time you make an update on your Facebook page make sure you use relevant hashtags.

Because irrelevant one's are not going to take you anywhere.

4. Use Ads to Get Page Likes:

Facebook ads are the most effective way of getting likes on earth. They provide such a great opportunity to target people with different interests, location, age and a lot more.

If you managed to get your money invested in these, you can surely make an huge social media presence.

But still you have to be accurate in narrowing down your audience by interest, location and age factors because as I mentioned in the first point.

The right kind of audience will get you tons of likes, post engagements and above all Traffic.

5. Use Widgets To Increase Facebook Likes:

Facebook offers quite a few ways by which you can get likes straight from your blog or website. These widgets are really helpful in making communities on Facebook based on the right people that want to get updates from your blog.

The most popular of them is Facebook Like Box.

It is noticed that blogs that use popup like boxes get more likes compared to the one's having them in the sidebar or any other area of your blog.

So do try using a popup like box for a week or so to compare the results of simple and popup like boxes.

You can fund one for your blog here Facebook Popup Like Box

         Facebook could prove a great platform for creating communities online, give your blog posts some great S.E.O juice and hence quite a lot of traffic.

If you use the mentioned tips above strategically you can Increase your Facebook page likes quite smartly.If you think you've got some more tips regarding Facebook likes then do leave them down in the comment box below.

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