Blogger's Quick-edit icon is one of the default features that Blogger provides to increase user-experience, but like many others in the list: you may find this one spoiling the look of your blog.

If yes, than this is the post for you!

Today I will let you know how you can get rid of this wrench icon from your blog.

By default this quickedit icon code is present on every single widget you add on a blog, which in the absence of Css means that you have to remove every single quickedit code present on your template.

But thanks to Css! for limiting all of that work to a single property.

As you know that this feature allows you to edit your widgets and posts while staying on the blog. After you remove it you won't be able to use quick-editing.

It's basically a deal to get  good-design for less user-friendly experience.

So if you are ready to go for the deal let me quickly take you towards the tutorial.

How to remove Quickedit Icon from your Blog:

1:Go to your blogger dashboard and select your blog.

2:Navigate to the template section of your blog and click Edit Template.

3:Press CTRL + F to get the search bar and search for this code


4:Above this code paste the below code

.quickedit {display:none;}

In some templates the above code may not work then try pasting the code

.widget-item-control {display:none;}

And that's it hit the Save Template icon and enjoy the changes!

Did it Worked? 
                       If you're having any trouble with this quickedit edit icon, don't forget to leave a comment below.
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