Blogger no doubt is one of the worlds best platforms to create blogs.But unfortunately it has some limitations too.

The limitation of creating only 20 static pages is one of them.Today I will let you know how you can get this barricade passed in no time.

But first let me shine some light on Static Pages for new bie's.If you are well aware of that stuff then you can scroll down to the meat of the post.The basic details are added so that everyone has a good idea what they are leaning about.

Static Pages :

Techniquely static pages are those pages whose content doesn't changes every time you load it.Blogger only supports creating static pages not Dynamic Pages that can be updated every time you publish posts on your blog.

But we can make Static pages to Dynamic pages of your blog in which your readers can get all of the content that you have generated for a specific topic.

E.g : Lets suppose that you cover two topics on your blog.One is Blogging tutorials and the other one is Web designing.

So if a reader on your blog only wants to see posts that offer content on Blogging tutorials he doesn't needs to surf your homepage.He can simply get all of the posts about Blogging tutorials by clicking Blogging Tutorials in your navigation bar.

So on a simple note static pages are pages that can normally be found in the navigation bar and those pages only provide posts on a specific topic.(Only if a static page is converted into a Dynamic one.(You can figure out how to create a static page into a dynamic one after the main topic of the post or simply scroll down to the depth of the post.)
Create More Than 20 Static Pages

How to Create more than 20 Static Pages in Blogger :

This is the irritating error you get when you try to create more than 20 static pages in blogger.To overcome it it you need to follow the given procedure.

1.First make sure that you have got 20 static pages for your blog.

2.Now get to the pages section of your blog and edit any one of your pages.When the post editor appears copy url from the address bar and paste it in notepad or anything similar because you are going to need that later.

3.Now again in the pages section delete the page whom the url was copied.Don't worry it will be recovered easily just delete it.

4.So now you have 19 static pages for your blog.Which means you can add one more to make it twenty.So create the static page for which you wanted to exceed your blogs static page limit.Create the page and click publish.

5.You again have 20 static pages for your blog.Now remember the link you copied before ? Yeah, it's time to use it.Paste that link into the address bar and press enter.You will be directed to the same static page you deleted before.Now what you have to do is to click on publish and the deleted page will appear again on your blog.Making the count of static pages 21.Which means you got over the limit, Right ?

So using this techniques you can make as many static pages as you want.So get going and enjoy breaking the rules :)

How To Convert a Static Page into a Dynamic one :

Now blogger doesn't have any official way to create Dynamic pages.But don't worry Bloggers were smart enough to get the best out of they have.

1.Go to your blogger dashboard, select your blog.

2.Now edit posts and assign suitable labels for them in the posts editor.

3.Now load the post to which you assigned a label and search for the label.The label will be a link open it and copy its url your going to need it later.

4.Now back at blogger, navigate to the Pages section of the blog.

5.Click on New Page and choose the Web address option.

6.Now in the title assign a name to the static page and then paste in the address of the label you copied before and click save.

A Dynamic page for your blog has been created.But remember while writing a new post do assign a label to the post so that it appears in the static page.

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The technique is very simple and effective to create more than 20 static pages.If it worked and you liked it so do consider sharing it and in the same time make me feel your presence by leaving your comment below.
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