Finding free images for blog is not an easy task Or i should correct myself  'Finding free images that can legally be used for blogs' are not easy to find..

But keeping in mind the difficulties, we still can't skip this part because after writing quality content it is the second best way to make your content live and to get your audience's interest going in the content.

But there's no need to worry because today i will be sharing some sites and some tips by which you can surely get the best free images that are totally safe to use.

But, what do you say ? Shouldn't we have a look on the reasons ' why you should avoid using Copyright protected images for your blog '.I guess, yeah.

So let's get going

What's Wrong with Copyright Protected Images :

Most new bie bloggers make the mistake of searching images from Google Image Search with default settings.

Sure, it's the best way to get quality free  images that are related to your content and in the mean time it's free and fast.

But do you know whats wrong with it ? The answer is that most of the images it displays are copyright protected.

I have read many stories how some bloggers got into trouble by using those images and if i talk about myself .Fortunately, i didn't had that experience so far but one of my guest post got rejected because of those images when i was in the process of  learning the basics of blogging.I waited a week to get it reviewed :(

So the bottom of the line is that using copyrighted images is a crime because it's just like stealing others property.

After all, the owner of that image is the authority.You can't raise questions that why doesn't someone wants exposure.

It's there property and they have got each and every right to decide where they want their property to be used.

So always stay away from stealing images because if you can't afford the image then surely you won't be able to afford the fine on stealing one, Right ?

How to Find Free Images for Blogs :

#1.How To Get Free Images for Blogs from Google Image Search.

1.Type in a keyword.

2.Click on gear icon and click advanced search.

3.Now next to usage rights choose free to use or share.

The pics that will be displayed from now on will be safe to use.Yeah, you won't get a ton's of choices this time  but as long as it is safe to to use it's really worth it.

#2. How to Get Free Images for Blogs through Flickr :

1.Get to the Flickr advanced search.

2.Type in a keyword and check the box only search the creative common licensed content and the one down it too as shown in the image below.

Note: When using images licensed under creative common make sure to give a link back to it's source with the image.Creative Common licensed content can be used for blogs but with a backink to it's source.If you want to read more about Creative common licensed content you can check wikipedia article on creative common licence.

#3. How to Find free Images for Blogs through Creative Commons :

1. Go to Creative Commons

2.Type in a keyword.

3.Check the first box and the second one too if you want to make changes in the image (otherwise leave it blank).

4.Choose the site from which you want the content to be displayed.

5.Hit the Search Button.

In my search for sites that can provide free images that are legal to use,Anna Hoffman's post Free Blog Post Images proved to be the most helping one. You can read it out to get some more sites that can provide free images that can be used for blogging.

Share your Views :

These were some really useful sites and tricks that i learned, to find free images for blogging.All the free images are not copyright protected.

Let me know how useful or boring you found these  sites.

And by the way are there any other sites that can be used to find free images for  blogging ?
Was the content worth a share?

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