Today in this post i will be posting about one of the essentials of blogging that every blogger should know. The reason to write this post is to let you know about the concept of No-follow and Do-follow links.

 So what really are these links ???? how you can identify a no-follow or do-follow link????

What role can they play for your blog??? Well actually this is the big question. In this post i will be covering all these questions in detail.So let's get started.


What are No-follow links : -

 No-follow is basically an attribution provided to a link, which tells the Google and other search engine bots not to follow, crawl or index that link. In simple words Google ranks your site on the basis of links that link back to your site these links are called backlinks.

Now if that backlink has the attribution of no-follow then Google bots won't index it and there will be no chance that you will be getting a benefit from that link in terms of rankings.

lets move towards the Do-follow links.

What are Do-Follow Links : -

Similar to the No-follow link it is also an attribution provided to a link but the thing that differs is that in a do-follow attribution link.

There are a lot of chances to get a benefit as an S.E.O perspective as these links guide the Google and other bots to crawl, index or follow that link which will surely results in higher rank of your blog or site.

 How to Figure Out If a link is No-follow or Do-follow :-

It's quite simple, Let's take you towards the first method.

Inspect Element Method : -

1.All you need to do is to right click on a link and click on inspect element. 

2.Look for this attribution rel= nofollow or rel=dofollow.If the attribution is no-follow then the link will considered as a no-follow link and if a do-follow attribution is present there than it's a Do-follow link simple. To get a better idea take a look at the image below.

Figure Out No-follow and Do-follow Links with the help of Adds-on : -

  You can install a Adds-on for mozila firefox which will let you discover do-follow and no-follow links in no time.

  How it works ???

 Just hover a link whose attribution you want to figure out and if the background of that link turned green than it's a no-follow link and if it turned red than it's going to be a do-follow one simple.

Get Hover Nofollow Adds-On for firefox Here.
For a similar adds-on for chrome follow this link Here  

Share Your Views : -

That was all about no-follow and do-follow links. Do share your views about this post and  in the mean time if this post helped you then do consider sharing it.
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