If you think that the blogger navigation bar is making bad effects on your blog's appearance , or  it makes your blog look unprofessional .Then you should remove it in no time.

Today in this post i will be sharing two possible ways by which you can remove this navigation bar.

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How to Remove Blogger navbar : -

The First way : -

1.Go to your Blogger Dashboard and select your blog.

2.Now head to the layout section of your blog and click edit navbar , just like the one given below

3.Now a new window will appear just scroll down and select off and hit the save icon.

And that's all it needs to remove this navbar from your blog.That was all for method 1 now let's have a look on the other method.

Method 2 : -

1.Go to your Blogger dashboard and select your blog.

2.Now head to the template section of your blog in the extreme left corner of the screen.

3.Now hit the Edit Template icon and Press Ctrl + F to get the searchbar.

4.Now search for this tag ]]></b:skin>

5 .And then paste the below code above this tag ]]></b:skin>

#navbar-iframe,#navbar { display: none !important; }

6.Now hit the save Template icon and you will be free from this navbar.

Share Your Views With Us : -

Well that was all it required to get rid of the navbar and in the end it's your turn to contribute in this post by commenting and sharing your views.If you are having any trouble with it then feel free to contact me.If you liked it so please share it with your friends.More like these will be coming in future so subscribe or follow to stay updated.


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