In previous post I posted a tutorial about how you can enable meta description for your blog and discussed the benefits of enabling your meta description. Today in this post I will be showing you how you can get a different meta description for each post of your blog. To check the previous post which discusses about meta description in detail follow the link given below.

>>  How to Enable Meta-Description For Your Blog

Search engines encourage blogs having meta description for each post. In case search engines are unable to find some words related to the search query than this meta description will give the searcher an idea about your content, and in case you don't have a meta description for each of your post, then the search engines will show the meta description of your blog which basically defines your blog not that particular post! Hence, there won't be great chances that the searcher would go for your content.


How to Enable Meta-Description For Each Post : -

1.Go to your blogger dashboard and select your blog.

2.Now click on create new post icon.

3.Now in the post creator, have a look at the post options in the extreme right portion of the screen.

4.Now select the description option in post settings and type in the description that suites your post it should look like the one below.

5.Just hit the done icon and you will have a unique and different meta description for your post.

Conclusion : -

Enabling meta description for your blog and for each post of your blog could result in improvement of traffic from search engines.

The method is quite simple and I hope you will have no problems with it but in case you do have have a query unanswered in your mind so don't let it remain unanswered simply comment or contact me.

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