If Google search results make you think that how do people manage to get their picture in the search results then think no more.

Getting your pic in the search results is not some thing very difficult.

All you need is to make Google believe that the content on which you are trying to attach your pic belongs to you or is written by you.

Today in this post i will guide you how you can get your pic attached along with your content in the Google Search Results.But first of all let's have a look on the facts that why should you do so.

If you want to save time then you can skip to the guide i have provided below but i recommend you read these facts.

Plus Points Of Attaching Your Pic To Your Content : -

1.Every professional blogger has his pic attched to his content in Google Search Results.Why it's necessary?

 Simple because it give's quite a good impression to readers and the same time in helps generating more clicks.

2.If your content is listed in first page of Google Search Results means that you have done quite enough to make your content and your blog S.E.O friendly but from their you should start making your content reader friendly.

Studies show that searchers always click on the content that has a pic attached with it.

Well we don't need studies check the below pic and choose yourself which content would you have liked to read if you were searching for 'Guest Posting Techniques'

3.Attaching your pic to your content lets others to know more about you.They somehow fell kind of free to comment on posts and contact you.

Soo we had quite a bit of chit chat now lets take you towards the guide to attach your pic in Google Search Results

How To Attach Your Pic In Google Search Results : -

Before We Get Started Make Sure you fulfill These Requirements -

1.You should have a Google Plus Account.If you don't have one just get one first.

2.In order to show your ownership you will need to have a About Me page.If you haven't created one create one first.

Lets Get Started : -

1.First get to your Google Plus profile.Click on about icon.

2.Check The links section you need to link to your website in here.

3.In the 'Contributer To' section link to your blog or site.

4.In the Links section link to your 'About Me Page'

 You can link to your other profiles such as Facebook and twitter if you want.

5.Once you have done that now all you need to do is to place a specific link on your About Me page which should redirect to your Google Plus profile.

<a href=”http://YourGoogle+ProfileAddress” rel=”author”>Google +</a>

6.Replace the 'YourGoogle+ProfileAddress' with your's.Just fetch it from your Google plus Profile URL,

7.Now place the link in your About Me page and You are all done.

Remember : -

Google takes a week or so in indexing the changes you have made for your site so don't just try to search for your content on Google hoping that you will find your pic along with your content or don't get confused that why it didn't worked for you just give Google some time and it will index the changes soon

.Meanwhile keep trying new things and try to learn from others as much as you can.

Final Words : -

Attaching your pic to your content in the Google Search Results could be a great way to make a positive impression on your readers about your blog and yourself.

It shows that the content you are providing is written by a professional blogger and it will provide high quality content.Just follow these steps and you will able to attach your pic with your content.

I will be posting more like these in future so subscribe for free updates to stay updated.But for now feel free to share your views about this post by commenting and you can always share the content to spread the knowledge.

So keep learning and Happy Blogging.

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