When you plan to write the best content available in your niche that has the potential to go viral. All you think of is hell lot of hard work, several days for research and writing, but the truth is that writing quality content ain't that difficult.

Off-course, you need to put some extra effort in that article; which will require hard work. But should that content take the amount of time it normally takes?

Actually, it totally depends on how fast your mind fill up with new thoughts and your ability to express your thought into words and phrases. 

If you have planned to write something special in the past for your blog, then that content would have surely costed you a considerable amount of time, probably, way much than the normal articles you write
. But in this article I'm going to share 5 Tips that you can use to fasten the process of content creation for your blog.

1. Write what you know and like:

This is one of the most important points to keep in mind if you want to create content quickly in no time. If you start writing topics that you're not familiar with, then you'll need hell lot of research to complete that article. Writing about things that you don't know much is OK, if you want to know more about that topic.

But if you're writing on topics that you've got no interest in then you need to change the niche of your blog. Because you may drag yourself with that niche a month or two, but at last you'll find that things aren't working for you and you're getting fed up of this thing.

Doesn't matters how much profitable or traffic-studded that niche is, Just quit it!

After all, if you're looking for the perfect blog for yourself then you need to focus on your satisfaction not money or anything else. You shouldn't ever feel like you're working, that is the only way to stay in the Blogosphere. Otherwise you're going to leave it before anyone else knocks you out!

2. Don't work when you don't want to:

Quite a few days have passed since the last article was published on your blog; visitors are hungry for fresh content. You're bounce rate is increasing and you're loosing visitors. What should you do now?

The most common answer will be to leave everything and start creating content. Yeah, the approach is right, but it needs some tweaks.

If you're spending too much time on creating content, and still can't get it done, then STOP! It is a big sign that you're taking too much burden on your head.

Believe me, a whole day of work can't get you the results what an hours of work can. The thing is that when you push yourself towards the computer screen when you really want to take a deep breath in open air, you're most likely to end up with nothing.

An hours of concentrated writing will get things done for you in no time, and the content produced in that period of time will have the potential to go viral too. So always open the post editor when you really want to.

3. Work with a time-table:

Dividing you're time into portions is one of the best ways to get things done in an organized way. Just make sure, that you're comfortable with whatever time-table you have created to keep things organized.

Again don't demand too much from yourself. Manage your time in a way that is easy for you and you'll surely find it helpful.

4. Don't  Procrastinate:

Getting a rest is important, but if you're doing it too much then it means that you're running away from the work.

Just keep in mind that procrastination isn't the solution to any of your problems. After a day or later, you'll have to face that screen and start typing, so why not complete the work right now and feel free?

Again things are interlinked. Remember the first point where I told you to write only about topics you really like. If you do that then you're not going to procrastinate, because it won't seem like work to you.

Procrastination is a sign that you need to explore your interests.

5. Quit Social Media!:

I know its a bit funny, but yeah, social media is one of the biggest time spoilers on the WORLD WIDE WEB. Some people are really addicted to it. They can't spend more than 30 minutes without checking their Facebook updates.

I'm not saying to remove social media activities from your life, but I'm just saying that keep it balanced. Don't ever visit any kind of social media site while you're writing something. The thought of taking a break on Facebook for 10 seconds is pleasing, but Facebook's never ending news feed ain't going to leave you that quick for sure.

So concentrate, concentrate and concentrate.

Final Thoughts:
                          Creating quality content for your blog can be an agony when you don't organize things well or you don't have any kind of knowledge or interest in the topic you're writing about. But the tips I have mentioned above can be used to create quality content in a much short period of time.

So what other tips you think can be used to fasten the process of content creation?
Was the content worth a share?

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