A newly created website is just like a new invention.When it comes in existence no one knows about it except it's creator.The first thing it's creator would like to do is to share the news with others so that it's invention is well known to this world.

Same is the case with a newly created site.When its created no one knows about it except you.Now what are things that will help you introduce your site to the world wide web as quickly as possible???

Today i will share some key ideas and techniques that will help your site or your newly created content index faster by search engines as it is the best way available to introduce it to the world of internet.

Submit your sitemap : -

Sitemap is basically an Xml file placed in the root directory of your site.It basically provides links of pages on your site that need to be indexed.As we all know that that search engine bots index sites through links.So it is really important to submit a sitemap to provide a better navigation to the crawlers and spiders that crawl your site for fresh content.

Submitting sitemap to webmaster tools : 
   It is highly recommended that you submit your sitemap to webmaster tools.If you are not familiar with webmaster tools than keep in mind that web master tools is a free online tool provided by Google not only to submit sitemap but to provide the detailed stats about traffic,search queries,crawl errors and much much more.

If you are not using these tools then it is recommended that you create a free account at webmaster tools.

Creating a sitemap :
Well you can make a sitemap for you site keeping the points in mind that the characters should be encoded in UTf-8 encoding and much much more but don't worry you can get your site map the easy way too.

There are many online sites that can create one for your site.One of them is Xml Sitemaps.Just navigate to the site and you will get a sitemap in no time.

Create Social Profiles : -

The next thing you should be looking for is creating profiles on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and not only just create social profiles but link those profiles to your site. As I mentioned above that search engine crawlers and spiders come to know your site when you have got links back to your domain.

Blog Commenting : -

Again to build backlinks should be one of your top priorities. When commenting on blogs keep these things in mind :

1.Comment on fresh posts

2.Comment on posts that are getting alot of traffic from search engines.

3.Try to be one of the first ten persons to comment on the post.

4.Try to comment on blogs that use the latest comment plugins.

5.Try to find Do-follow blogs.

6.Always comment on high PR blogs and sites.  

The greatest thing about making backlinks is that it will not only help your site getting indexed but also they can sent traffic to your blog. For more about creating backlinks read the following articles.

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Submit your site to popular blog directories : -

 This is another great option for you to tell the search engines that your site has released and it needs to be indexed.You can consider submitting your blog to one's given below :

Use online Tools : -

There are many online tools on the internet that can help your site get indexed in various search engines. I would like to recommend you one of them. That is http://pingomatic.com/.
What ping o meter basically does is that it sends ping to various search engines which is kind of a request to the search engines that the site is created or it is updated so please send your crawlers and spiders to index it.

 Are there any other ways by which indexing a site can be made easy??? What were your experiences in indexing your site??? Do tell me all of these by commenting below and if you think this post could be helpful than do consider sharing it.

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