Considerations When Choosing the Best Massage Chair

Choosing a massage chair is no easy feat for a number of reasons. For one, it should come as no surprise that as with so many other things you get what you pay for with massage chairs; the higher-end models tend to be more feature-rich and to offer a better massage experience.

For this reason many people would simply pull out the three or four most expensive massage chairs and claim they are “the best”.

However whilst there is some truth to this, my experience encourages a rather more “granulated” approach. The reality is that there are massage chairs on the market costing from just a few hundred dollars up to many thousands. And while those top-end chairs may offer the best overall massage experience, there are still some very decent mid-range models.

Sadly, the lower-end of the market tends not to offer much to write home about. The reason they are able to manufacture such low-cost chairs is that they frequently omit key features that make massage chairs such a pleasure to own.

As an example many of the cheapest models contain no massaging airbags whatsoever, fail to offer a full “zero gravity” recline feature or a massaging leg rest. For this reason, sad as it may sound, no bottom-end model will ever really be in the running for the best massage chair.

To be clear; in this article I have weighed up all the many features seen in today’s massage chairs and combined this with the cost of each chair to find not just the best massage chairs but also the best value.

This is important because if you’re looking for the best massage chair you can afford – but that spending $5,000+ on the very top-end models is out of the question you’ll find that there are still a number of very solid mid-range models that offer an impressive range of features and excellent value for money.

The Best High-End Massage Chairs

Let’s start off by forgetting about price for a moment. Let’s look purely at the features on offer and the overall massage experience. Here there are a number of clear winners:

Inada Sogno Dreamwave

Inada Sogno Dreamwave reviewIf there was one massage chair that I was to crown the very best
massage chair available today it would be the Sogno Dreamwave. Just a quick glance at our comparison chart clearly reveals the wealth of massaging actions you can enjoy; an incomparable 100 massaging air cushions, a market-beating 16 pre-set programs and a full 170’ anti-gravity recline feature.

In addition to this the Dreamwave offers a full body massage experience and a heated backrest. It is, in short, the massage chair that offers the ultimate massage experience available in the comfort of your own home.

Features at a glance:

100 massaging airbags
16 pre-set programs
170′ recline

Osaki OS-7200H

Osaki OS-7200H reviewComing in a close second to the Sogno Dreamwave is the Osaki 7200. Slightly cheaper than the Dreamwave, the 7200 features 51 massaging airbags, a full-body massage experience and 8 pre-set programs.

What is perhaps rather exciting about the 7200 is it’s unique body-scanning technology which allows the chair to modify the massage experience based on your unique shape and proportions. For those individuals with a more curved spine than others, or who are particularly tall or short, this body scanning feature ensures the perfect massage tailored to your unique stature.

Features at a glance:

51 massaging airbags
8 pre-set programs
170′ recline

The Best Mid-Range Massage Chairs

Whilst the two massage chairs discussed above are truly what we consider to be “the best”, should finances be tighter there are a number of impressive massage chairs available for less.

Osaki OS-4000

Osaki 4000 reviewYou can think of the Osaki OS-4000 and the 7200’s smaller cousin. Built upon the same solid framework, and offering almost as many features, the OS-4000 represents the perfect compromise between price and features.

In comparison to the full-blown 7200 it has slightly fewer airbags; 46 in comparison to the 7200’s 51. The angle of recline is also slightly less; a still impressive 160’ and it offers the same pleasant controllable back-warming mechanism.

Don’t let these compromises put you off, however. The OS-4000 is one of the highest-rated massage chairs around and provides a truly exceptional massage experience.

Features at a glance:

46 massaging airbags
6 pre-set programs
160′ recline

Panasonic EP1285

Panasonic EP1285KL,The lowest-priced massage chair featured on this list, the Panasonic EP1285 is deserving of a mention because it is the only massage chair which has been approved by the American Chiropractic Association. This is an indication of just how accurate the massaging action really is.

At face value it offers rather less than the other chairs featured here; just 4 pre-set programs and a miniscule 14 massaging airbags. It has no heating function though it is classed a full zero gravity chair.

That said its eight different massaging options, accurately replicating the sensations of a professional massage, are what has won this chair so many glowing reviews.

For a mid-priced chair it is fair to say that despite it’s lower price-point than many other massage chairs mentioned here, and the lack of “advanced features” it still offers an incredibly impressive massage experience – and at a price that simply cannot be rivalled by competing chairs.

Features at a glance:

14 massaging airbags
4 pre-set programs
170′ recline

So What Is The Best Massage Chair?

It would be wrong to claim to claim that one single chair is “the best”. There is such a diversity of massage chairs on the market, each with their own price points and unique strengths and weaknesses that claiming that one specific chair will be perfect for everyone is disengenous.

The reality is there are a number contenders for the title, and only you can decide on which of these massage chairs comes top of your list. By reading through our extensive reviews and examining our comparison chart you should be able to make your own conclusions about exactly which of the above massage chairs is ideally suited to your own unique situation.
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